PGW Cosmetics

Skin-So-Soft Mango Body Butter


It’s giving very much MOISTURE and GLOW🤩

This blend of Mango and Shea butter will have you looking and feeling beautifully moisturized. The skin has a more supple and glowing appearance.

With this body butter, a little goes A LONG way.

If you use too much, you may feel more greasy than moisturized. 

Use on dry skin freshly out of the shower, a quarter size amount is enough for both legs for normal skin!

Pro-tip: If butter is softened or melted upon arrival, place in freezer for 30 min. 

Ingredients: Organically, Ethically sourced Mango butter, Organic, Ethically Sourced African Shea butter, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E 30,000 IU, Skin Safe Mica, Fragrance

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