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Pangaea to PGW Cosmetics:

It all started with an Idea....

PGW Cosmetics was founded by Grace Olivia Wright (now Gonzalez) at the beginning of 2021. Initially, the goal was pretty simple: unite women and make them feel, strong, beautiful, and like the ultimate BADDIE! Grace First realized the power of makeup at very young age while playing in her mother's makeup. She would watch each of her four older sisters get ready and marvel at the transformation. She thought "Wow! I can't wait to play in that when I get older!" Fast forward to her college years, Grace is now doing makeup for her entire cheer team, as well as her self so they can be game day ready. She began to realize that while makeup was an important part of making women feel beautiful, the part that made them feel truly elevated was the lashes. She could tell that lashes were very intimidating and knew that when she would finally break into the industry, she would make lashes being accessible to all women her main priority.


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